Marlon C. Prantner

Student Consultant & Developer

I study Business Informatics and I do small consultant projects for clients.
I‘ m always seeking for an challenge and exellence in project work.


My main goal is the best-possible management and development of information systems and the implementation of these.


IT and business processes are important when it comes to minimizing costs and enable efficent business functions. I do the analysis and integration of high quality processes.


My job is to provide the best training for your employees. I developed a method to make IT topics not only understandable but also to enable thinking around the corner.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions to my most recent projects!

Digitilization Concept

Project manager to evaluate digital soultions for the Mannheimer startup „Tür für Tür“.

Game Development

Part of the frontend team at the Java Group Project for the module „Software Engineering“ at my university.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me by my social network profile, e-mail or submitting a request over this form!

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